Removable tap water filter

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  • Drink pure water

  • Intelligent clarification

  • Universal design

  • Easy to clean

  • Safe to use

Are you tired of drinking and washing dishes with cloudy tap water? Get access to superior filtered tap water today with this removable water purifier.

Wasserfilter | Wasserreiniger aus dem Wasserhahn | Herausnehmbarer Wasserhahnfilter - Ozerty

Excellent clearing results

Do you cook often? Then you surely know how important it is that you cook with clean water. However, most of the time you will find that the water in your home is not really clean. It probably contains all kinds of dirt. In addition, many people drink water directly from the tap.

That's why you need something that you can use to ensure that the water from your faucet is always clean. With this removable water purifier you can achieve excellent water purification results . This means you no longer have to worry about contaminants getting into your drinking water or food.

Removable tap water filter - Excellent purification results - Ozerty

Intelligent clarification

There are a variety of water treatment devices on the market. You may be thinking, "Why should I choose this device when I have so many others to choose from?" That's a really good question, and it all comes down to the quality of the cleaning.

Unlike most other water purifiers that filter more or less everything out of the water, this device is more precise. This water conditioner intelligently removes dirt and retains minerals. So not only will your water be clean, but it will also contain the minerals you need.

Herausnehmbarer Leitungswasserfilter - Intelligente Klärung - Ozerty

Universal design

Another reason why you should get this removable water purifier is the fact that it has a universal design. This is important because there are many different faucets on the market, all varying in style.
Of course, because of these differences, one would expect that an accessory used for one style of faucet would not be compatible with another style. However, thanks to its universal design, this water purifier is widely compatible. So you can always connect it to the faucet you have.

Herausnehmbarer Leitungswasserfilter - Universelles Design - Ozerty

Easy to clean

This water purifier not only has a universal design and offers intelligent cleaning, but is also easy to clean. It has a detachable design that ensures that you can take it off for cleaning and then easily put it back in again. You can rinse the filter cartridge and reinsert it. This water filter comes with 4 cartridges that you can replace if dirty! You can also order additional filter cartridges if you run out.

Herausnehmbarer Leitungswasserfilter - Leicht zu reinigen - Ozerty

Safe to use

Many of the water purifiers available on the market are either chemical in nature or require electricity to function properly. While they may seem relatively safe, they have pretty serious usage restrictions or dangers. For example, with a chemical cleaning method, there is always the risk that the water will be contaminated by a chemical substance. Electrical devices also pose a risk of electric shock if they malfunction.
However, this water purifier works without electricity and chemicals. This makes it a perfectly safe water purification option.

Herausnehmbarer Leitungswasserfilter - Sicher in der Anwendung - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Filtration: 9 levels
  • Mount on: cold water taps
  • Material: ceramic
Herausnehmbarer Leitungswasserfilter - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Water Filter

4 x Ceramic Cartridge

3 x Male Thread Adapters

1 x Universal Adapter

3 x female thread adapters

Herausnehmbarer Leitungswasserfilter - Package - Ozerty

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