Universal hand stripper

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  • Efficient

  • secure

  • Wide application

  • Sharp, adjustable blades

  • Portable

Improve your efficiency and safety when stripping wires with these universal hand wire strippers.

Universal-Handheld-Schnellabisolierzange - Handabisolierzange - Tragbare Abisolierzange - Ozerty

Efficient stripping of wires

If you have ever had to strip wires for use in one project or another, you will be familiar with how strenuous the stripping process can be. Of course, in most cases this is not due to the wire. The challenging nature of wire stripping is mainly due to the difficulty in finding the best and most suitable tool for the job. Let's say you've been in this situation before. Do you often work with cables , whether professionally or as part of DIY electrical projects? Well, here is a tool that you will find most useful.

These portable wire strippers make stripping easier and more efficient. How? All you have to do is simply select the right aperture, adjust the blade, and that's it. Because you have adjusted the blade in advance, no further adjustments are required, drastically reducing stripping times.

But that is not all. The adjustable blades also allow the degree of cutting to be precisely regulated. This will avoid damaging the wire when stripping it.

Universal hand wire stripper - efficient wire stripping - Ozerty

Safe to use

Most people resort to using knives to strip their wires. However, knives are not the best option for several reasons. On the one hand, it is too difficult to control the degree of cuts, so it is easy to damage the wire you want to strip. A more important reason to choose these wire strippers instead of knives is the safety aspect.

These wire strippers help you avoid the possibility of contact between the blade and your hand. This, in turn, ensures that you can safely strip wires without worrying about injury.

Universal-Handabisolierzange - Sicher in der Anwendung - Ozerty

Use for different size wires

Occasionally, your pocket knife or a small knife may be sufficient for stripping wires, aside from several drawbacks previously mentioned. However, their efficiency and usefulness depend quite heavily on the size of the wire being stripped. This means that a pocket knife will most likely disappoint you if you have a wire that is thicker or much smaller than your normal wire size. Knowing this, wouldn't you rather have a tool you can confidently rely on to strip wires effectively and appropriately?

With these handy wire strippers you get exactly that. There are multiple holes or opening sizes on the tool, so you just choose the right one, insert the wire and you're ready to go.

Universal-Handabisolierzange - Verwendung für Drähte unterschiedlicher Größe - Ozerty

Sharp, adjustable blade

Of course, a cutting or stripping tool with dull blades isn't all that useful. However, this particular tool has a sharp and durable blade for greater efficiency. The depth of the blades is also easily adjustable to ensure improved precision when stripping. The blade is also easy to remove if you need to replace it for one reason or another. You simply locate and loosen the screw holding it in place and remove the blade. Comfortable, right?

Universal-Handabisolierzange - Scharfe, einstellbare Klinge - Ozerty

Lightweight and portable

This is probably one of the most important reasons why you consider these wire strippers to be the perfect tool to replace your stripping knife. Knives can be quite inconvenient and tedious to carry from one place to another. Most knives have an exposed blade that you can't easily cover when moving. On the other hand, this tool is compact and portable , making it perfect for users on the go. Additionally, the compact nature of the tool means you can easily take it anywhere.

So why go through all the stress of carrying around a stripping knife when there's a more efficient, portable option?

Universal-Handabisolierzange - Leicht und tragbar - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Stainless steel and plastic
  • Application: wire stripper
  • Weight: 140g
  • Size: 11cm x 7cm x 6cm / 4.3" x 2.8" x 2.4"
Universal-Handabisolierzange - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Wire Stripper

2 x Replacement Blades

Universal-Handabisolierzange - Package - Ozerty

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Customer Reviews

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Lilly Rosten

Fin behandling fik straks ny vare efter den første var smadret under transporten

david french
Verry good

Could not wish for a better tool

Loriano Bertarelli

Spelafili palmare universale

Robin Langøen

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