Absorbent cleaning cloth for cars

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Color: Gray
Size: 30x20cm
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  • Effective car cleaning tool

  • Multipurpose design

  • High build quality

  • Easy to use

  • Reusable

With this absorbent car cleaning cloth you always have an excellent towel on hand that you can use for cleaning the interior and exterior of your car.

Super saugfähiges Auto-Trockentuch - saugfähiges Reinigungstuch für Autos - Mehrzweck-Trockentuch  - Ozerty

Effective car cleaning tool

Cleaning a car is never as easy or straightforward as it seems, and choosing the perfect cleaning tool for the job is just as tedious (if not more so). There are several different car cleaning cloths available on the market today. However, most of these towels may not be the best option for your car. This is because they usually cannot give you the “clean and smooth” finish you desire.

However, this absorbent car cleaning cloth stands out. Because with this cloth you can achieve excellent cleaning results for your car. This towel has an absorbent design that ensures you enjoy efficient and excellent cleaning results with every use.

Absorbent Car Cleaning Cloth - Effective Car Cleaning Tool - Ozerty

Multipurpose design

One of the many great features of this super absorbent cleaning cloth that sets it apart from other cleaning cloths is its multi-purpose design . Unlike most other cleaning cloths that you may only be able to use to clean specific parts of your car, this car cleaning cloth allows you to clean any part of your car, whether inside or outside.

With this cleaning cloth you can wipe your rearview mirror, clean your dashboard or even the exterior part (body) of your car. This towel is so versatile that you can even use it to wipe off dust, stains, water, etc. from your car, kitchen and even bathroom.

Saugfähiges Reinigungstuch für Autos - Mehrzweck-Design  - Ozerty

High build quality

Now you might be thinking, “How come this cleaning cloth seems to have so many benefits?” Well, that’s really not a difficult question to answer. This is because it is manufactured to a high quality. This high-quality workmanship ensures that you can use this cleaning cloth to clean your car without fear of scratching it in the process.

This quality finish also includes a lint-free design , ensuring you don't have to worry about removing lint from your car.

Saugfähiges Reinigungstuch für Autos - Hohe Bauqualität - Ozerty

Easy to use

Cleaning can be a lot of work, so it only makes sense to have cleaning tools that will “ease” the entire cleaning process as much as possible. For this reason, this absorbent car cleaning cloth is very easy to use. All you really have to do is simply use it to wipe down any surface you want to clean. That's all! If you're cleaning a wet surface and the towel gets soaked, all you have to do is squeeze it out and you're good to go.

Saugfähiges Reinigungstuch für Autos - Einfach zu benutzen - Ozerty


Another great reason to consider this super absorbent towel is the fact that it is highly reusable . This is because it is so well made that you can easily wash and reuse the towel if it gets dirty. The best part is that the color does not fade after washing, so you don't have to worry in this area.

Saugfähiges Reinigungstuch für Autos - Wiederverwendbar - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Color: Gray, Red
  • Size options: 30x20cm, 30x30cm, 30x40cm, 30x60cm
  • Material: suede, coral velvet
Saugfähiges Reinigungstuch für Autos - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Super Absorbent Car Drying Towel

Saugfähiges Reinigungstuch für Autos - Package - Ozerty

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