Raised felt plant pot for plants

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  • Perfect plant gardening

  • Makes planting easier

  • Built with high quality materials

  • Excellent plant protection

  • Versatile

With this comfortable raised planter for plants, you can easily set up the perfect nursery and grow the plants you want.

Stoff-Pflanzgefäß für Pflanzen - Filz-Pflanzbeet - Erhöhte Filz-Pflanzgefäße für Pflanzen - Ozerty

Perfect plant gardening

As with all living things, the first few years of plants are very important and crucial for their overall growth and quality. Plants that have access to good growing conditions during their first few years in the nursery tend to grow better and larger than those that do not. In addition, plants often have very specific nutritional needs in their growing phase that you must meet to ensure that your plants actually grow the way you want them to.

Don't have time to set up a proper nursery? Don't worry, this raised plant nursery pot is an energy efficient and cost-effective solution for you. With this device you can create a perfect nursery where you can ensure that your young flowers and other garden plants grow well and vigorously.

Raised Felt Plant Pot for Plants - Perfect Plant Gardening - Ozerty

Makes planting easier

Although many people consider starting or owning a garden, few actually make the effort to cultivate it. This is completely understandable, after all, gardening is a lot of work that involves working or breaking up the soil to facilitate plant growth. It can also be very costly since you have to spend a lot on fertilizers and pay high water bills.

However, with this raised bed you don't have to worry about any of that. Because this item makes planting and gardening easier. It helps you save on water and fertilizer costs because you don't have to worry about leaching problems. Plus, no tillage is required!

Erhöhter Filz Pflanzentopf für Pflanzen - Erleichtert die Bepflanzung - Ozerty

Built with high quality materials

Another thing that makes this raised bed a perfect garden option for you is the fact that it is built with high-quality materials. This quality helps ensure that the planting bed is strong and stable enough so that you don't have to worry about it tipping over or cracking easily.

It is made of very thick materials while being breathable, so your plants can actually grow healthier roots, which in turn leads to better plant health.

Erhöhter Filz Pflanzentopf für Pflanzen - Gebaut mit hochwertigen Materialien - Ozerty

excellent protection

Another advantage of this raised planter is the excellent plant protection. When it comes to gardening, most people have the experience of doing everything right, but somehow still getting stuck because their garden is dying or losing quality. This is usually due to unfavorable weather conditions.

With this raised bed it doesn't matter whether the weather is too hot or too cold; Your plants will always be in good condition. This is because this raised bed easily dissipates heat in hot weather and retains heat in cold weather, ensuring stable temperature conditions for optimal plant growth.

Erhöhter Filz Pflanzentopf für Pflanzen - Ausgezeichneter Schutz - Ozerty


This raised bed is also versatile. This means that you can use this device to create a garden even if you do not have cultivable soil in your area. You can set it almost anywhere in your home, including your lawn, patio, and even your porch.

Erhöhter Filz Pflanzentopf für Pflanzen - Vielseitig - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: felt fabric
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Dimensions of the extra small planter (10 gallons): Diameter: 50cm, Height: 20cm,
  • Dimensions of the small planter (40 gallons): Diameter: 80cm, Height: 30cm,
  • Medium Planter Dimensions (50 Gallons): Diameter: 90cm, Height: 30cm,
  • Large Planter Dimensions (100 Gallons): Diameter: 127cm, Height: 30cm,
  • Color: Black/Green
    Erhöhter Filz Pflanzentopf für Pflanzen - Dimensions - Ozerty


    1 x plant bed

    Erhöhter Filz Pflanzentopf für Pflanzen - Package - Ozerty

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