Stackable food container with draining board

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Color: Blue
Size: 500ML
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  • Excellent for picklesExcellent for pickles

  • Multifunctional

  • Food-safe version

  • Wide application

  • Easy to clean

Are you having trouble storing your food and keeping it fresh? With this double-layer storage container you can keep your fruits and other foods fresh at all times.

Stapelbare Lebensmittelbehälter | Lunchboxen | Lebensmittelbehälter mit Deckeln - Ozerty

Excellent food storage

Do you like eating fruit and fresh vegetables? If so, then you probably buy and store a lot of fresh food in your home. This means you know how difficult storing these foods can be, especially when you want to ensure they stay fresh. What if there was an item you could use to effectively store your fresh food and ensure it stays fresh? That would be great, right?

That's exactly what you get with this double layer storage container! Any food you store in this double storage container will be perfectly preserved. The food also stays very fresh for a long time. This means you can enjoy your fresh products whenever you want.

Stackable Food Container with Drainer - Excellent Food Storage - Ozerty

Multifunctional design

There are a whole range of storage containers on the market and they come in different shapes and sizes. You may be asking yourself, "Is this storage container the best choice for me?" In any case! This food container is truly the ultimate thanks to its multifunctional design.

It's two different tools in one streamlined package. That's right, it includes a strainer and a sealed storage container. This will allow any water or moisture that builds up to drain into the bottom of the container, allowing you to easily strain and remove your stored products. It won't sit in water and won't go bad!

Stapelbarer Lebensmittelbehälter mit Abtropffläche - Multifunktionales Entwurf - Ozerty

Food-friendly design

If you want to buy a kitchen appliance that will come into contact with your food, you need to make sure it is a quality appliance. Because some of these materials are of lower quality and you don't want them coming into contact with your food. And why? If you use them to store food or fruits, they could contaminate them, and you certainly don't want food poisoning.

That's why this food storage container is made from food-grade materials , meaning you can use it to store food without worrying about contamination.

Stapelbarer Lebensmittelbehälter mit Abtropffläche - Lebensmittelgerechtes Design - Ozerty

Store various foods

Why not use this handy storage container to store various foods such as cheese or fresh herbs? The container is available in different sizes for your convenience. Choose a size of 500, 700, 900 or 1200 ml. The different containers are also stackable! You can make better use of the space in your fridge by stacking several containers on top of each other. With these practical containers you will never run out of storage space again.

Stapelbarer Lebensmittelbehälter mit Abtropffläche - Verschiedene Lebensmittel aufbewahren - Ozerty

Easy to clean

Another point that makes this food container perfect for you is that you can clean it easily. How it works? In the dishwasher of course! That's right; this storage box is dishwasher safe. So you don't have to wash them by hand. The container has a practical screw lid so that it closes tightly and your food stays fresh.

Stapelbarer Lebensmittelbehälter mit Abtropffläche - Leicht zu reinigen - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Color: Blue, Pink, Green
  • Size: 500ml, 700ml, 900ml, 1200ml
  • Material: PP
  • Shape: Round
Stapelbarer Lebensmittelbehälter mit Abtropffläche - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Double Fresh Storage Container

Stapelbarer Lebensmittelbehälter mit Abtropffläche - Package - Ozerty

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