Artificial lure set for fishing

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  • Excellent fishing bait

  • Unique design

  • High build quality

  • Versatile

  • Easy to use

Improve your fishing results and take your fishing experience to a whole new level with this lure set.

Soft Bionic Fishing Köder Set - Künstlicher Angelköder Set - Simulation Angelköder  - Odeut

Excellent fishing bait

There are various fishing lures available in the market. Let's say you fish or have an active interest in fishing. In this case, you will be aware of the fact that your choice of fishing lure usually has a very big impact on how successful your fishing practice will be.

With this artificial fishing lure set you have access to great fishing results. This is because this excellent fishing lure has a design that allows it to easily attract hungry fish. This of course means more and easier fishing success for you.

Artificial Lure Set for Fishing - Excellent Fishing Lure - Odeut

Unique design

As mentioned earlier, there are several different fishing lures that people use for their fishing activities these days. Some use chemicals while others use live bait. Amidst this “crowd” of fishing lures, this one stands out because it has a very unique design.

This unique design is actually one of the main factors responsible for making this lure an excellent fishing lure. Its design is such that it looks and simulates the movement of a real fish. Of course, other hungry fish won't be able to tell that it's fishing bait until you've successfully reeled them in.

Kunstköder-Set zum Angeln - Einzigartiges Design - Odeut

High build quality

Now you may be thinking, "How can an artificial fishing lure look so much like a live fish and even move like one?" The secret of this fishing lure's unique design is its quality construction. This quality construction includes incredibly realistic 3D eyes for the fishing lure and a flash foil on the belly of the lure that helps it attract the attention of your target fish. The body of the fishing lure itself also has a very detailed scale and gill pattern that ensures it definitely looks like a real fish.
This fishing lure also has a paddle tail design that ensures that it also perfectly mimics fish-like movements in the water, all of which only serves to increase its appeal.

Kunstköder-Set zum Angeln - Hohe Bauqualität - Odeut


Another reason why you should definitely consider adding this bionic fishing lure to your fishing kit is the fact that it is very versatile . Typically, you can only use most fishing lures to attract a specific type of fish, which means if you're looking for different types of fish, you'll need to get multiple types of lures.

However, this artificial fishing lure is different in that it has a versatile design that ensures that you can use it to catch different types of fish. You can use it to attract and catch fish such as bass, trout, mackerel, rockfish and even panfish.

Kunstköder-Set zum Angeln - Vielseitig - Odeut

Easy to use

One of the best things about this particular fishing lure (in addition to its versatility) is that it is also easy to use . All you have to do is simply thread your hook through the bionic lure in any style you want. That's all! Have fun fishing!

Kunstköder-Set zum Angeln - Einfach zu benutzen - Odeut

Technical characteristics :

  • Color: Random
  • Size: 100mm
  • Set options: 5 pieces, 10 pieces
Kunstköder-Set zum Angeln - Dimensions - Odeut


1 x Set of Soft Bionic Fishing Lures (5pcs or 10pcs)

Kunstköder-Set zum Angeln - Package - Odeut

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Set di esche da pesca artificiali

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