Suction cup dog pull ball toy

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  • Relieves anxiety

  • Keeps the dog active

  • Cleans teeth

  • Pet friendly material

  • Easy construction

With this interactive suction cup dog toy, your dog will be active and entertained while caring for his teeth.

Saugnapf Hund Pull Ball Spielzeug │ Interaktives Spielzeug │ Hund Zahnreinigung - Ozerty

Suction cup dog toy

Our dogs need physical activity and playtime to stay happy and physically and mentally healthy. An active pet is a happy pet - there is no doubt about that. However, sometimes due to the excess of daily activities or lack of space at home, it may be difficult for us to provide the pet with appropriate conditions to play. This is exactly when this interactive dog toy can be very useful. Keep your dog active and happy with this ball toy. Your four-legged friend deserves only the best!

Suction Cup Dog Pull Ball Toy - Suction Cup Dog Toy - Ozerty

Keeps the dog active

Physical activity is an extremely important element in every pet's life. Dogs need exercise to stay healthy and happy. Unfortunately, we don't always have time or opportunity to play with our dogs for long periods of time. In these circumstances, this interactive dog toy is the perfect solution. By pulling and chasing the ball, the dog stays active and improves his agility . The playful movement also motivates the dog's hunting instinct .

Saugnapf Hund Ziehball Spielzeug - Hält den Hund aktiv - Ozerty

Helps reduce fears

Separation anxiety and destructive behavior are some of the symptoms that can occur when a pet is left alone for long periods of time. This can lead to the destruction of objects and even cause the dog to become depressed. Prevent this from happening by purchasing this interactive dog toy. It will help keep your dog busy when you are not at home. Help your four-legged friend stay relaxed and reduce anxiety by giving him a quality toy to play with.

Saugnapf Hund Ziehball Spielzeug - Hilft, Ängste abzubauen - Ozerty

Cleans teeth

This toy not only offers your dog activity and fun. It was developed to support the care of teeth . The elastic ball is made of high quality material with rounded grooves that help remove all impurities and dirt from the dog's teeth and gums. It is also a great accessory to relieve your dog's pain and discomfort when teething .

Not only will it help keep your pet happy, but you will also save yourself from unexpected damage around the house. The toy satisfies the dog's need to chew on something.

Saugnapf Hund Ziehball Spielzeug - Reinigt die Zähne - Ozerty

Safe for pets

The toy is made from high quality, durable materials . It is resistant to friction and bites, so your pet can enjoy it for a long time. Most importantly, the toy is non-toxic and pet safe . The washable design makes it easy to keep clean.

Easy installation is another great feature of this interactive toy. You don't need any special skills or tools to attach it. Thanks to the flexible suction cup, you can easily and quickly attach it to any clean and flat surface. Place it on the floor, attach it to a piece of glass, or attach it to a vertical piece of furniture. Adjust the position of the toy to fit the space in your home and your dog's needs.

Saugnapf Hund Ziehball Spielzeug - Sicher für Haustiere - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Item Weight: 213g
  • Item Size: 40cm x 10cm
  • Material: TPR
Saugnapf Hund Ziehball Spielzeug - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Dog Toy

Saugnapf Hund Ziehball Spielzeug - Package - Ozerty

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