Multi-material caulking and scraping tool

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  • Easy to handle

  • Stable construction

  • For different materials

  • Multiple functions

  • Interchangeable heads

A reliable, durable and versatile tool that allows you to achieve the professional results you want even at home!

Multi-Material-Schabwerkzeug | Silikonfinisher | Werkzeug zum Ablösen von Oberflächenkleber | Verstemmwinkelschaber - Ozerty

The tool your home deserves!

Scraping tools are an essential part of any toolbox. This is especially the case if the owner of this toolbox makes his own kitchen and bathroom. Finishing new bathrooms has never been easier than with this multi-material scraping and caulking tool. Don't worry about replacement, this tool is more durable than most and should therefore last a long time.

But one of the best features of this fine feat of modern engineering is its versatility! It has a lot of features in such a small package. It includes a silicone and stainless steel caulk remover, 5 angle scrapers of different sizes and a straight edge sealing scraper. So let’s get started and dive deeper into what makes it better than anything else.

Multi-Material Caulking and Scraping Tool - The tool your home deserves! - Ozerty

Conquer the toughest sealant or grout

It's a joyous occasion when you find a tool that does its job so well. The versatility, efficiency and reliability make it an amazing bargain. What is one of the most difficult and annoying steps to get right when installing a new bathtub in your brand new, newly tiled bathroom? Make sure your sealant has not dried halfway up the wall and cannot be removed. To fix this problem, all you need to do is attach the right head for the right job. And of course, this tool has the right head for almost all scraping and finishing jobs! Even the most unlikely DIY dads can achieve a professional finish with this tool!

Multi-Material Verstemm- und Schabewerkzeug - Bezwingen Sie die härteste Versiegelung oder den grimmigsten Fugenmörtel - Ozerty

Become a master of different materials!

You might be surprised to know that this tool isn't just great for doing things with caulk or grout in the bathroom and kitchen. It's also amazing when you need to scrape off glass or tile adhesive. To top it off, this tool will slay the beast of bumps on wallpaper jobs too! All too often, wallpaper has imperfections that are difficult to remove, especially without tearing the wallpaper. However, now you have this setting just a click away. It's the perfect tool with a specially designed head to do just that! The versatility is endless!

Multi-Material Verstemm- und Schabewerkzeug - Machen Sie sich zum Meister der verschiedenen Materialien! - Ozerty

Simple changes for faster jobs

Even if this seems unlikely to you now, there may be situations in the future when you need not just one, but perhaps two or even three minds for a job. You may be working with multiple materials with different adhesives. You may even need to seal different angles. But that's just another reason why you need this scraping and sealing tool.

Why carry 2 or 3 different types of scrapers when you can have everything in one tidy package? There's nothing better than having a tool that allows you to carry a lot more. Depending on how many construction or home improvement projects you undertake, this can save you time, money and space in your toolbox (the most valuable of all!).

Multi-Material Verstemm- und Schabewerkzeug - Einfache Änderungen für schnellere Jobs - Ozerty

Let's hear about heads!

So far we have talked about the versatility, durability and reliability of this scraper. Now let's move on to the different heads. Firstly, the scraper. The incredible scraper design used to strip sealant can scrape not only forward but also backwards, making it useful for the less ambidextrous among us.

In addition, there are also 5 different trowel head attachments for silicone sealing work, which contribute to a smooth professional finish. To round off the complete finishing tool, this tool also has a straight scraper. You have everything you need for a professional finish.

Multi-Material Verstemm- und Schabewerkzeug - Lasst uns von Köpfen hören! - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 183 mm (extended length 204 mm)
  • Width: 45.5mm
  • Material: metal
  • Color gray
Multi-Material Verstemm- und Schabewerkzeug - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Sealing Spatula and Sealing Tool

5 x silicone spatula heads (3R, 6R, 10R, 13R, 17R)

Multi-Material Verstemm- und Schabewerkzeug - Package - Ozerty

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