Multifunctional storage box for accessories

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  • Perfect for storage

  • Multifunctional

  • High build quality

  • Portable

  • Excellent gift

With this multifunctional accessory storage box you always have access to all the mobile charging cables you need and can keep your devices safe.

Mini Digital Geräte Aufbewahrungsbox - Multifunktionale Zubehör Aufbewahrungsbox - 6 in 1 Multifunktionales Telefon Ladekabel Kit  - Ozerty

Perfect for storage

Storing accessories safely can be quite a challenge. This is especially true for very small devices such as SIM cards and SIM card pens. There are different types of accessory storage boxes, but most of them are not suitable for all of these items. Additionally, it can be quite a challenge to properly organize all the cables and prevent them from getting tangled in these boxes.

However, with this dedicated accessory storage box, you have access to a box that is perfect for storage. It has a unique design that ensures that you will always be able to perfectly arrange all your accessories such as cables, SIM cards, pens, etc. This way you don't have to worry about them getting tangled or misplacing them.

Multifunctional accessory storage box - Perfect for storage - Ozerty


You may be thinking, "There are several different storage boxes on the market, why should I choose this particular box?" Well, there are actually several storage boxes out there, but none are as good as this one! This special storage box stands out from the rest thanks to its multifunctional design .

Instead of having to carry different types of cables everywhere, this box actually has every type of cable you need, including Type-C, USB, and Micro-USB. This ensures that you are not only able to safely store your accessories, but also have easy access to any type of cable you might need at that moment.

Multifunktionale Aufbewahrungsbox für Zubehörteile - Multifunktionell - Ozerty

High build quality

Another thing that makes this multifunctional storage box a must-have for you is the fact that it is well- built and allows you to store your accessories safely. The box is made from high quality materials that ensure it is completely durable.

That is not all; The cables also have a power charging function that ensures you can charge your devices faster. So if you were worried about the charging quality of these cables, you don't have to be!

Multifunktionale Aufbewahrungsbox für Zubehörteile - Hohe Bauqualität - Ozerty


You will agree that it makes absolutely no sense for a device to have all these very useful features but be limited by size or weight. That's why this multifunctional accessory storage box has a portable, lightweight design that ensures you can take it with you wherever you are. You can even easily put them in your bag!

Multifunktionale Aufbewahrungsbox für Zubehörteile - Tragbar - Ozerty

Excellent gift

Do you have a friend, family member or other loved one who travels a lot? If yes, then this is the perfect gift option for you. The perfect blend of multifunctional design and portable size of this storage box ensures that it can be taken with you wherever you go. The recipient will definitely appreciate that you put so much thought into this gift because they will find it very useful.

Multifunktionale Aufbewahrungsbox für Zubehörteile - Ausgezeichnetes Geschenk - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PVC + ABS
  • Color: White, Blue, Black
  • Output current: TYPE C to TYPE C: 3A, Android to TYPE C: 3A, TYPE C to IOS/ Micro: 2A, Android to IOS/ Micro: 2A
  • Size approx.: 82.5mm x 10mm
    Multifunktionale Aufbewahrungsbox für Zubehörteile - Dimensions - Ozerty


    1x Mini Digital Accessories Storage Box

    Multifunktionale Aufbewahrungsbox für Zubehörteile - Package - Ozerty

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