Stackable insulated food containers

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  • Perfect protection for food

  • Versatile

  • Saves space

  • Permanently

  • Easy to use

These stackable, insulated food containers make it easy to store cooked food and effectively protect it from contamination.

Mehrschichtige Lebensmittelisolierung - Transparente Lebensmittelisolierung - Isolierende Lebensmittelabdeckung - Odeut

Perfect protection for food

Do you cook often? If so, then you know the fact that you usually cook a lot more than you intended, so you end up with leftovers. These leftover foods can be quite difficult to store as you need to ensure that they are protected from possible contamination and if you do not protect them well, the food itself could spoil.

If you currently need a tool or material to protect your food, then this set of stackable insulated food containers is exactly what you need. It has an insulating construction that ensures that you can use it to achieve perfect food protection .

Stackable Insulating Food Containers - Perfect Protection for Food - Odeut


You may have thought, "This insulated food container looks great, but what types of food can I store in it?" A good question, but it should really be: "What foods can't I store in this appliance?"

You see, this insulating food storage device is so versatile that you can use it to store different types of foods such as vegetables, seafood, pasta and even meat! This means you can use it regardless of the type of dish you want to store. Unlike other preservation devices that do not allow you to store hot food, this device has no such limitation. It will help you keep your food warm until you are finally ready to eat.

Stapelbare isolierende Lebensmittelbehälter - Vielseitig - Odeut

Saves space

Another advantage of this insulating food container over other food containers is that it helps you save space How? Quite simply, it has a stackable design

This means that you don't have to store several different foods in different containers which then take up a lot of space in your kitchen or on your dining table, but you can simply store your foods in the individual layers of this multi-layer food insulator and then stack them on top of each other simply and easily .

Stapelbare isolierende Lebensmittelbehälter - Spart Platz - Odeut


Not only does this multi-layer insulated container provide excellent protection and insulation for food and is very versatile, it is also very durable. This allows you to store your food and stack the layers on top of each other without worrying about them deforming or breaking. It is sturdy enough to keep it in perfect condition.

Stapelbare isolierende Lebensmittelbehälter - Dauerhaft - Odeut

Easy to use

The best thing about this special insulating food cover is that it is very easy to use. All you have to do is simply open it, put your groceries inside and close it. You can also easily wash them as the parts come apart easily.

Stapelbare isolierende Lebensmittelbehälter - Einfach zu benutzen - Odeut

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PET
  • Size diameter height: 1 layer: 25cm x 15cm. 2 layers: 25cm x 26cm. 3 layers: 25cm x 37cm
    Stapelbare isolierende Lebensmittelbehälter - Dimensions - Odeut


    1 x Multilayer Food Insulator

    Stapelbare isolierende Lebensmittelbehälter - Package - Odeut

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