5 Pack Magnetic Cup Stirrer Capsules

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  • Excellent stirring results

  • Temperature resistant

  • Food safe

  • High build quality

  • Easy to use

With this automatic magnetic cup stirrer capsule you have an easy stirring option and never have to drink improperly stirred tea or coffee again.

Magnetische Tasse Kapsel Rührer - Automatische magnetische Tasse Rührer Kapsel - 5 Stück Automatische selbst rührende magnetische Becher-Kapsel - Ozerty

Excellent stirring results

Are you tired of manually stirring your tea or coffee? If yes and you have a magnetic cup, then this magnetic cup stirrer capsule is the perfect option for you. Because with this magnetic cup stirrer capsule you can achieve excellent stirring results that are even better than using a spoon to stir. So you no longer have to worry about drinking your tea only to find that the dregs are concentrated with most of the drinks you put in the cup.

Pack of 5 Magnetic Cup Stirrer Capsules - Excellent Stirring Results - Ozerty

Temperature resistant

Another point that makes this automatic magnetic cup stirrer a perfect choice for you is that it is highly heat resistant. If you use spoons to stir hot tea or coffee, you've probably noticed that plastic spoons tend to melt or warp when exposed to hot water. Likewise, metal spoons are very good conductors of heat, so they will get too hot if you leave them in a cup of hot water. This means that you can accidentally scald and injure yourself if you try to pick up the spoon.
This automatic magnetic cup stirring pod, on the other hand, is high temperature resistant , so it will stay in excellent condition when you place it in a cup of hot water.

5er-Pack magnetische Tassenrührer-Kapseln - Temperaturbeständig - Ozerty

Food safe

Now you may be wondering, "If I put this automatic magnetic stirring capsule into my cup of tea or coffee, won't it just dissolve and contaminate my drink?" Not at all. Because this automatic magnetic stirring capsule is made of very durable materials that ensure that it remains in excellent condition even after coming into contact with hot or cold water.
Besides, the materials this mixing capsule is made of are food grade , so you don't have to worry in this regard. There is no risk of contamination when using this automatic magnetic stirring capsule.

5er-Pack magnetische Tassenrührer-Kapseln - Lebensmittelsicher - Ozerty

High build quality

This automatic magnetic stirrer capsule is not only food-safe and temperature-resistant, but also of high quality. It is made from high quality materials that ensure it is completely durable. This way you can be sure that it will not spoil or deform easily. The high-quality workmanship of this mixing capsule also makes it resistant to acids and alkalis , so you don't have to worry about this either.

5er-Pack magnetische Tassenrührer-Kapseln - Hohe Bauqualität - Ozerty

Easy to use

Another reason why you should get this automatic mixing pod is that it is pretty easy to use. To use it, all you have to do is use your magnetic cup and place the mixing capsule in it. Then all you have to do is press the power button on the cup to activate the mixing capsule whenever you want to use it.

5er-Pack magnetische Tassenrührer-Kapseln - Einfach zu benutzen - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • The shape: oval
  • Material: food grade plastic
  • Size: 8x24mm
  • Weight: 1.4g
5er-Pack magnetische Tassenrührer-Kapseln - Dimensions - Ozerty


5 x Magnetic Cup Capsule Stirrer

5er-Pack magnetische Tassenrührer-Kapseln - Package - Ozerty

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