Interactive wooden cat toy with 5 holes

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  • Hunting style toys

  • Gopher style animals for hunting

  • Solid wood construction

  • Certainly animal friendly

  • Fun game for cats

Provide your cats with great mental and physical stimulation with this interactive wooden cat toy!

Interaktives Katzenspielzeug mit 5 Löchern aus Holz Puzzle Katzen-Labyrinth-Jagdspielzeug - Ozerty

Training simulator

Cats love to hunt small animals for food. In their natural environment, they spend their days hunting rats, mice, rabbits, cockroaches, birds, grasshoppers and other smaller prey. So keeping your cats indoors may not be very stimulating for them. Good thing you can play hunting whack-a-mole style with your beloved felines with this interactive wooden cat toy!

This toy has 5 holes , and each has a corresponding lever and a prey animal that can be "hunted" by your cat. To keep your cat busy, press one of the levers and a cartoon animal will poke its head out. The game trains your cat's reaction speed and concentration. This is not only a physically stimulating game for your cat but also a good training simulator for them.

Interactive Wooden Cat Toy with 5 Holes - Training Simulator - Ozerty

Gopher style cartoons

Ground squirrels, rats and mice always attract the attention of cats. When they see something similar to these animals, they quickly run up to it and paw at it. This is why they are an effective gopher deterrent for gardeners. This cat hunting toy pack includes colorful gopher-style animal cartoons that will definitely entice your cat to get up and play. Your cat can pull the lever and guess which hole to hit. To improve the game, you have to press several levers at the same time and surprise her until she can guess your next move.

Interaktives Katzenspielzeug mit 5 Löchern aus Holz - Karikaturen im Gopher-Stil - Ozerty

Animal friendly materials

This interactive maze toy for cats is made of loose and smoothed solid wood and is safe to use and non-toxic . The rounded corners are carefully polished to avoid razor-sharp edges that could hurt your little one while playing. Besides, it is made of high quality natural wood , which has high strength and durability.

Interaktives Katzenspielzeug mit 5 Löchern aus Holz - Tierfreundliche Materialien - Ozerty

Elegant and polished appearance

The solid wood material itself makes this wooden cat toy look aesthetically pleasing . Combined with a smooth surface, it could easily be one of the most stylish toys in your cat's playpen. In addition, the wooden gopher-style cartoons are decorated with high-quality paint and pastel colors that retain their color even after a long time.

Interaktives Katzenspielzeug mit 5 Löchern aus Holz - Elegantes und poliertes Aussehen - Ozerty

Ideal gift for cats

Whether you have a cat or know someone who does, this interactive wooden cat toy makes a great birthday or Christmas gift , among other important occasions. More importantly, it offers many health benefits for cats . It keeps them from becoming bored, which can lead to repetitive behavior, excessive grooming, fighting with other animals, lack of curiosity, overeating, and moping if left untreated.

Interaktives Katzenspielzeug mit 5 Löchern aus Holz - Ideales Geschenk für Katzen - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: solid wood
  • 5 holes for bobbleheads
  • 5 gopher style animal cartoons
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 18cm x 36cm
Interaktives Katzenspielzeug mit 5 Löchern aus Holz - Dimensions - Ozerty


1x interactive wooden cat toy

Interaktives Katzenspielzeug mit 5 Löchern aus Holz - Package - Ozerty

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Laura Mancin
Apprezzato da tutti i gattoni e gattini di casa

Ottima fattura, divertente e veramente interattivo

Fausta Di Grazia

Giocattolo di legno interattivo per gatti con 5 buchi


Il gioco è ben fatto ma speravo piacesse di più al mio gatto.

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