Weighing spoon for pet food

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  • Improved precision

  • Non-stick design

  • Easy to use

  • Light

  • Removable

With this electronic pet food scale, you will know exactly what amount of food you give your pets, easily control their diet and protect them from overfeeding.

Elektronischer Messlöffel für Tiernahrung - Abnehmbarer elektronischer Messlöffel - Elektronische Waage für Tiernahrung - Ozerty

Improved precision

Do you have pets? If so, then you can probably understand why they seem to be growing so quickly. One moment they are tiny, clumsy puppies or kittens and suddenly they are big and grown up. This rapid growth is of course largely due to the quality of the food they are exposed to as well as the quality of their diet. It's so easy to feed your pets in a way that makes them overweight, and that's unhealthy for them.

With this electronic food scale spoon you have the perfect solution to control your pets' diet and prevent them from becoming overweight. This device offers improved precision , so you always know exactly what amount of food you are feeding your pets, and that makes diet control very easy.

Pet Food Weighing Spoon - Improved Precision - Ozerty

Non-stick design

Pet food tends to be quite sticky, so you need to make sure you wash or clean anything that comes into contact with it with soap or simply water and a sponge. While this isn't a problem with most things that come into contact with the food, it can become a problem with electronic devices as they are typically not compatible with water or humid conditions.

That's why this food spoon has a non-stick design that ensures your food doesn't stick to it. This non-stick coating also ensures that you can easily clean the device without causing water damage. The spoon can also be removed from the scales. How practical!

Wiegelöffel für Tiernahrung - Antihaft-Design - Ozerty

Easy to use

This electronic scale not only offers improved measurement accuracy and a non-stick design, but is also very easy to use. To use it, all you have to do is insert the batteries, turn it on, and then use the measuring spoon to scoop out the desired amount of pet food. You can read the weight of the food consumed on the display. Be sure to hold the measuring spoon horizontally to ensure accurate results.

Wiegelöffel für Tiernahrung - Einfach zu benutzen - Ozerty

Excellent craftsmanship

Another reason why this electronic pet food scale is a must-have for you if you have a pet (or multiple pets) is that it has high-quality construction. Unlike other measuring spoons available on the market, this measuring spoon features excellent craftsmanship that includes durable construction and exquisite non-stick smoothness. Additionally, you should know that this measuring spoon is made from durable, non-toxic materials, so there is no risk of the spoon contaminating food, meaning your pets are completely safe. You can remove the electronic part of the measuring spoon from the plastic part of the spoon so that you can wash it at any time.

Wiegelöffel für Tiernahrung - Ausgezeichnete Handwerkskunst - Ozerty

Easy storage

This high quality measuring spoon is also easy to store. It features a hanging hole that ensures you can easily hang it wherever you want.

Wiegelöffel für Tiernahrung - Einfache Lagerung - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Plastic
  • Volume: 800g
  • Weight: 90g
  • Color: Dark white
  • Size: 22.8 x 9.4 cm
    Wiegelöffel für Tiernahrung - Dimensions - Ozerty


    1 x Detachable Electronic Measuring Spoon

    Wiegelöffel für Tiernahrung - Package - Ozerty

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