Wireless battery mixer and distributor

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  • Easy to handle

  • Comfortable

  • Measuring scale

  • Distributes dough

  • Requires batteries

Bake perfect pancakes and cookies with this electric mixer. You can mix the dough and spread it evenly!

Elektrischer Rührspender | Schnurloser Teigmischer | Pfannkuchenteig-Mischspender - Odeut

Electric dough mixer

Do you like cooking and baking? Preparing delicious meals and desserts is a true art. Once you find the perfect recipe, you'll likely use it again and again. How good are you at baking pancakes? Or how about waffles, pikelets and cupcakes? All of this has something in common. They look much better if you get them all the same size. But that can be a little difficult!

For example, if you fill a cupcake platter with a spoon, each one will be a slightly different size. What can you do? Here we have the perfect solution for you! Get to know the dough mixer that also distributes your dough evenly!

Cordless Battery Mixer and Distributor - Electric Dough Mixer - Odeut

Perfect pancakes with this mixer and spreader

Evenly distributing the batter is crucial when making pancakes. You can never get the right amount by scooping the mixture into the pan with a spoon, can you? You may have put in too little. Then you need to add another spoon, creating an additional ring at the bottom of the pancake. Or you put too much in and the pancake comes out too thick. Use this mixer and dispenser to make a batch of consistent, professional-looking pancakes! Let us tell you more.

Kabelloser Batteriemixer und Verteiler - Perfekte Pfannkuchen mit diesem Mixer und Verteiler - Odeut

Easy to use

How does this blender work? First, add all the ingredients to the jug and close the lid. Press the button above to turn on the blender. Then press it again to turn it off when your dough is well mixed. Make sure the dough has enough liquid to mix properly. Next , hold the pitcher over the center of your skillet and squeeze the handle. A sliding door at the bottom of the pitcher opens so the dough can flow out evenly! Release the handle to close the flap when you have enough dough.

Because the jug is transparent, you can see how much dough you have left. The blender jug ​​also has a practical measuring scale on the side. This includes ounces, cups and milliliters. So if you need to pour a certain amount of dough, you can easily see how much you are pouring.

Kabelloser Batteriemixer und Verteiler - Einfach zu benutzen - Odeut

Wireless mixer

This dough beater has another great feature. It runs on batteries! This means you don't have to be near a power outlet to use it. You don't have to worry about cables either. This blender would also be ideal for camping trips. Imagine making perfect pancakes for all your roommates in the morning. The blender is powered by 6 AA batteries. The battery compartment is located on the lid next to the on/off switch. Use this mixer to make batter for cupcakes, waffles, cookies and more!

Kabelloser Batteriemixer und Verteiler - Kabelloser Mixer - Odeut

Having fun in the kitchen with your kids

Cooking and baking are great ways to spend time with your children and teach them creative skills. Since this whisk has no sharp blades or power cord, it is safe to use even for small children. Why not teach your kids how to bake cookies? Or how about baking waffles with them? They'll all enjoy spending time together, making edible projects, and then eating them! Get creative with cooking projects with this handy whisk and dough dispenser.

Kabelloser Batteriemixer und Verteiler - Spaß in der Küche mit Ihren Kindern - Odeut

Technical characteristics :

  • Color: Red/Transparent
  • Size: 25cm high x 17.5cm wide (including handle)
  • Weight: approx. 740 grams
  • Contents: 1.2 l
  • Power supply: 6 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Material: ABS plastic
Kabelloser Batteriemixer und Verteiler - Dimensions - Odeut


1 x Electric Mixer (without batteries)

Kabelloser Batteriemixer und Verteiler - Package - Odeut

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