1 pair of firm insoles to provide arch support for flat feet

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  • Pain relief

  • Reduce swelling

  • Improve alignment

  • Comfortable

  • Arch support

If you have flat feet, you probably need some good insoles. These firm arch support insoles can give your feet the support they need.

Einlegesohlen zur Unterstützung des Fußgewölbes | Schuheinlagen | Fersendämpfung | Plattfußeinlagen - Ozerty

Relief from foot pain

Do you have flat feet? Do your feet hurt at the end of every day? Many people suffer from flat feet. This is when the arch of your foot doesn't give you the support you need. This can lead to other problems, such as: B. to knee and hip pain and problems in the lower back. Imagine driving a car without suspension! It would probably fall apart in no time. Your arches help your feet absorb the forces of your body weight striking the ground. But if someone has flat feet, this suspension is not there.

Good insoles can be very helpful. Firm arch insoles raise the arch of the foot and give the feet the necessary suspension. They reduce the strain on the feet. This can relieve pain and swelling. Good insoles can also help patients with back pain. Why? Because they adjust the way the feet touch the ground, which changes the entire posture and gait.

Good insoles for arch support should have three characteristics. First, they should provide firm support to the arch of the foot. They should also include a heel cup. Finally, the insoles should have a cushioning layer to provide additional support for the entire foot.

1 Pair of Firm Arch Support Insoles for Flat Feet - Foot Pain Relief - Ozerty

Support your arches

Why do people with flat feet need good arch support? Flat feet can cause a painful condition called plantar fasciitis. There is a band of muscle that runs under the foot from the bottom of the heel toward the toes. In plantar fasciitis, this band becomes inflamed. This can happen if the arch of the foot is not supported. It can also occur if you use soft foam insoles that provide poor arch support.

These firm insoles provide the support you need. They will not bend or get squished over time. You will likely notice a reduction in foot pain and swelling. Of course, it's ideal if you wear them whenever you're on your feet. The more you use arch support insoles, the less strain your feet will experience. These shoe insoles are suitable for relieving minor foot pain. If you have severe plantar fasciitis, you should see a specialist. You may need custom insoles.

1 Paar feste Einlegesohlen zur Unterstützung des Fußgewölbes bei Plattfüßen - Stützen Sie Ihre Gewölbe - Ozerty

Heel support

These insoles also have additional cushioning in the heel. Your heels naturally have a pad of fat under the heel bone. This reduces the impact on your feet when you walk. But we're not designed to walk on hard surfaces like concrete all day long. That's why we need extra help, especially people with flat feet.

A heel counter helps the heel stay centered so it can absorb shock. It also helps your foot to be more stable and provides better support to the ankle. Your entire foot, ankle and leg become better aligned. This means you have better balance when standing and walking. This can also improve your performance in sports.

1 Paar feste Einlegesohlen zur Unterstützung des Fußgewölbes bei Plattfüßen - Fersenstütze - Ozerty

Comfortable and breathable

These insoles are made from breathable, lightweight material. They are antibacterial so they won't irritate your skin. The arch supports are ideal for everyday use. They also contain another important component of good insoles: additional cushioning. As we mentioned, walking on concrete all day is bad for your feet. The best insoles contain a layer of foam over the arch support. This extra padding supports your feet and provides greater comfort.

1 Paar feste Einlegesohlen zur Unterstützung des Fußgewölbes bei Plattfüßen - Bequem und atmungsaktiv - Ozerty

Cut to size

You can easily cut these insoles to fit your shoes. Check whether your shoes already have an insole and if so, take them out. Place the insoles in your shoes to see how they fit and cut them according to your shoe size. Use the outline on the bottom of the insoles, near the toes. Make sure the insert lies flat. If not, trim a little more if necessary.

The arch supports fit most shoes, such as boots, flats and sneakers. They also fit into high-heeled shoes, but we don't recommend you wear high heels often if you already suffer from foot pain. High heels can worsen foot problems because they put the foot in an awkward position. Make sure that all shoes have enough space for the insoles and that your foot sits comfortably.

1 Paar feste Einlegesohlen zur Unterstützung des Fußgewölbes bei Plattfüßen - Auf Größe schneiden - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Sizes: S (EU 35-40), L (EU 41-45)
  • Color: navy blue
  • Materials: EVA plastic, mesh, nylon
  • Total length: S - 25 cm | L - 28cm
  • Width at the balls of the feet: S - 9.1 cm | L - 9.9 cm
  • Width at heel: S - 8 cm | L - 8.3cm
    1 Paar feste Einlegesohlen zur Unterstützung des Fußgewölbes bei Plattfüßen - Dimensions - Ozerty


    1 x Pair of Arch Support Insoles

    1 Paar feste Einlegesohlen zur Unterstützung des Fußgewölbes bei Plattfüßen - Package - Ozerty

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    1 par faste indlægssåler til støtte for flade fødder

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