Acupressure mat set

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  • Better relaxation

  • Relieves the pain

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves well-being

This acupressure massage mat can help you relieve stress, manage pain and improve your overall well-being.

Akupressur-Kit | Akupressur-Massagematte - Ozerty

Relax better

This acupressure mat not only helps you manage pain, it's also the perfect relaxation tool! Let's say you've had a long day and your muscles are all sore. Now all you want to do is relax and unwind from the stress of the day. However, you get home and soon realize that sinking into your plush sofa isn't giving you the level of relaxation you need. So here is something that should!

Lying on this mat for just 10 to 30 minutes a day can give you the feeling of relaxation you desire, especially in your neck and back. You can choose to lie on the mat with or without clothing. It all depends on your sensitivity. However, you should experience this feeling of relaxation either way.

Acupressure Mat Set - Relax Better - Ozerty

Relieves the pain

Is your work so stressful that you often feel pain and tension at the end of the day? Or perhaps you have painful sensations in your body, especially in your joints. Pain itself isn't all that strange. Your body can use it to signal that something is wrong or an underlying condition needs to be addressed. While some types of pain require just a little rest or a nap to resolve, some actually require more sophisticated or targeted methods to resolve them. In these cases, many people turn to painkillers to cope with painful sensations.

However, there are cases where painkillers are not the right step in proper pain management. Let's say you find yourself in this situation or just want a way to deal with pain that doesn't involve stuffing yourself with medications. In this case, this could be exactly the solution you need. This acupressure mat is an excellent tool for self-treatment. Like acupuncture, it causes your body to release endorphins, which can produce analgesia, or pain relief , and a feeling of well-being. In other words, this acupressure mat can help you deal with pain and fight inflammation.

Akupressur-Matten-Set - Lindert den Schmerz - Ozerty

Promotes blood circulation

Just like acupuncture, acupressure can also be used to improve blood circulation , particularly to the lower extremities of the body. The best part is that unlike acupuncture, acupressure does not involve sticking needles into you. However, it can be difficult to find these acupressure points and apply sustained pressure to them to experience this improved blood flow. That's why this acupressure mat is a great option. All you have to do with this mat is lie down on it, and then the mat does the rest. How's that for convenience?

Akupressur-Matten-Set - Fördert die Blutzirkulation - Ozerty

Reduces stress and anxiety

Stress is absolutely not good. Whether at work or at home, excellent results are often achieved with as little stress as possible. Stress can affect your ability to think and function optimally. The worst thing is that stress doesn't even allow you to do delicate tasks well. It messes with your overall productivity and results, not to mention the health problems it could trigger. That's why you should always make sure to reduce stress whenever possible. However, without the right tools, this is easier said than done.

This acupressure mat could be the perfect stress relief tool you need. If you find that your regular activities are causing more stress than you can handle, you can help your body and mind calm down by lying on your acupressure mat every night. It should help relax your entire body and give you a feeling of calm.

Akupressur-Matten-Set - Reduziert Stress und Ängste - Ozerty

Improves well-being

Overall, this acupressure mat could help you improve your overall well-being. With this mat you can make your evenings more peaceful and your days more active. It even comes with a handy carry bag so you can take it anywhere. Enjoy the comfort and peace of this acupressure mat set!

Akupressur-Matten-Set - Verbessert das Wohlbefinden - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: cotton, PVC and sponge
  • Mat size: 67cm x 42cm x 2cm
  • Cushion size: 37cm x 15cm x 10cm
  • Carry bag size: 45cm x 20cm
  • Color: Purple, Black, Green, Electric Blue, Gray, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange
    Akupressur-Matten-Set - Dimensions - Ozerty


    1 x Mat

    1 x Pillow

    1 x Carry Bag

    Akupressur-Matten-Set - Package - Ozerty

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