7.5m expandable garden hose with spray gun

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  • Extends 3 times its original length

  • 7 spray patterns

  • Strong water pressure

  • Confusion free

  • Leak-free hose

With this expandable garden hose you can water your plants and thoroughly clean the outside of your home and your vehicles!

7,5 m erweiterbarer Gartenschlauch Weiche Schlauchleitung Gartenschlauchtrommel - Ozerty

Extendable soft hose

When fully filled with water from the tap, this water hose can be extended from 7.5m to 23m thanks to its eco-friendly stretchy material. It is long enough to reach an average size garden (around 15m long by British standards) and allows you to clean and water your garden in a single session. However, if you're not sure what length of hose you need, simply measure the distance between your water source and the area you want to clean.

7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Extendable Soft Hose - Ozerty

Adjustable spray gun

Do you want to use different spray modes for different cleaning tasks? The spray gun has a rotating selector switch that allows you to choose between jet, mist, shower, cone, center, flat and full modes. Use the flat or cone mode to spray your lawn, the shower or mist mode to water your plants, and the remaining modes for general cleaning. The sprayer also has a locking mechanism for continuous spraying, so you don't have to constantly keep your hand on the trigger.

7,5 m dehnbarer Gartenschlauch mit Spritzpistole - Einstellbare Spritzpistole - Ozerty

Leak-proof universal design

This garden hose is designed to prevent leaks that can occur with traditional garden hoses after repeated use. Made of safe and strong latex material and durable ABS compounds to ensure long service life and avoid pipe bursts.

7,5 m dehnbarer Gartenschlauch mit Spritzpistole - Auslaufsicheres Universal-Design - Ozerty

Tangle free and easy to store

This soft hose is more flexible than its polymer and metal counterparts, making it easier to use and store. The inner tube is covered with polyester fabric to prevent tangling. When not in use, it shrinks to its original length of 7.5 m. Thanks to the stretchy material, it can also be easily folded into a much smaller format, so you can store it even in a small storage space.

7,5 m dehnbarer Gartenschlauch mit Spritzpistole - Verknotungsfrei und leicht zu verstauen - Ozerty

Abrasion-resistant high-pressure hose

This expandable garden hose differs from regular plastic hoses in that it allows water to flow faster and more powerfully. It can hold up to 3kg of water and pressurize it to create a kind of powerwash effect. The pressure may not be as strong as traditional pressure washers and lances, but the water flow is good enough to clean dust and loose dirt on surfaces and perform routine irrigation applications.

7,5 m dehnbarer Gartenschlauch mit Spritzpistole - Abriebfester Hochdruckschlauch - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 7.5m
  • Spray gun (L x W x H): 8cm x 5cm x 13cm
  • Spray gun mode: 7
  • Materials: polyester fabric, plastic
  • Hose connector: 1/2"
7,5 m dehnbarer Gartenschlauch mit Spritzpistole - Dimensions - Ozerty


1x 7.5m expandable garden hose

1x spray gun

1x foam pot

1x hose adapter

1x instruction manual

2x 1/2" hose connectors

7,5 m dehnbarer Gartenschlauch mit Spritzpistole - Package - Ozerty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Una idea magnífica. FENOMENAL !!!!

Estaba más que cansado de luchar con mangueras que se hacen un lío cada dos por tres. Está es la solución que estaba buscando, ahora esta manguera no se "lia" ni queriendo. Una idea estupenda que recomiendo a todos... es una pasada. De los 7 metros pasa a los 27 metros, con sólo abrir el grifo. Un 10+

Natalio Llamazares zambrano


candido García ballesteros

Manguera de rociador extensible hasta 23 metros

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