2-in-1 toy bubble machine

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  • Unique design

  • Fun toy for children

  • High quality

  • Safe for children

  • Easy to handle

Your kids can have even more fun with this 2-in-1 toy bubble machine.

2-in-1 Spielzeug-Seifenblasenmaschine - Fliegende Seifenblasenmaschine- Fliegendes Seifenblasenspielzeug - Ozerty

Unique design

Bubble makers are common items. In fact, it would be strange to find people saying they don't know what bubble makers are. You've probably seen kids blowing bubbles down in the park on the weekend, or bubble machines at fairs or parties. Although bubble machines are common, you've probably never encountered one like this 2-in-1 toy bubble machine.

This machine is a unique blend of bubble machine and flying toy to form the flying automatic bubble maker that it is. Additionally, it is also available in several different styles ensuring each one remains unique.

2-in-1 Toy Bubble Machine - Unique Design - Ozerty

Fun toy for children

There are many different toys for children to buy these days. However, many of these toys are actually failed items. Why? For a toy to be effective, it must be able to distract the person using it for at least some time. This factor becomes even more important if you want to buy a toy for a child. However, many of the toys on the market cannot adequately attract and hold children's attention, so their effectiveness and usefulness are limited.

If you are looking for a perfect toy option for your kids, your search ends right here! This toy is the perfect mix of a flying toy and a bubble machine. This ensures that it will always easily capture and hold your children's attention. You will also have a lot of fun playing with this toy.

2-in-1 Spielzeug-Seifenblasenmaschine - Lustiges Spielzeug für Kinder - Ozerty

High build quality

It should go without saying that any materials or items you give to your children must be of high quality. This is because children tend to hit a lot with the object that is in their hands. Their playing also tends to get pretty rough.

To ensure that this toy remains in excellent condition when handled by children, it has been made from high quality materials . The machine is made of high quality ABS material , which helps it remain durable. Plus, it doesn't require batteries to work.

2-in-1 Spielzeug-Seifenblasenmaschine - Hohe Bauqualität - Ozerty

Safe for children

Child safety is an important factor to consider when purchasing items. It becomes even more important if the items you are purchasing are intended for children. To ensure maximum child safety and handling, this multifunctional flying toy bubble machine has a non-toxic plastic design. This means you don't have to worry about the toy causing any form of irritation or harm to your child. It is completely safe for children.

2-in-1 Spielzeug-Seifenblasenmaschine - Sicher für Kinder - Ozerty

Easy to use

Now you might be thinking, “This toy is great, but it all sounds so complex.” After all, your reasoning is fine; The description of this item as a flying bubble maker may indicate some sort of complex device. However, the opposite is true. This 2 in 1 toy bubble maker is easy to use. To use it, simply follow the steps below:
- Pour sparkling water into the hole of the wand or handle.
- Place the bamboo dragonfly on the wand and then activate it.
That's all!

2-in-1 Spielzeug-Seifenblasenmaschine - Einfach zu benutzen - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Box size: 22 x 9 x 17 cm
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Style: Puppy, Calf, Pig and Sheep
2-in-1 Spielzeug-Seifenblasenmaschine - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Bubble Machine

2-in-1 Spielzeug-Seifenblasenmaschine - Package - Ozerty

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