Buy with confidence thanks to Ozerty's purchase protection program

Get an immediate replacement if your item cannot be delivered, arrives damaged or is not as described.

Ozerty purchase protection program

Rest easy knowing we are here to offer support should any rare complications arise while shopping with us.

What the Ozerty Purchase Protection Program Covers:

  • Your item does not match the product description or photos
  • Your item arrives damaged
  • Your item has delivery problems, such as delays or loss in transit

We are there for you if anything goes wrong. Thats how it works:

Submit a return request

To initiate a return, please contact us via email. We value your feedback, so please provide the reason for the return, which will help us improve your future shopping experiences. Once we receive your email, we will guide you through the returns process.

Click here to submit by email

Print the return label

Print the provided return label and attach it securely to the outside of your return package. You can then hand the package over to the nearest shipping point. The first return for every order is free. All items in original condition are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. To avoid additional shipping costs and reduce the environmental impact of multiple returns, we recommend combining the items you wish to return. Please make sure you ship the package within 14 days of submitting your return request.

Get an instant resend

If your order is eligible for the Ozerty Purchase Protection Program, we will reship your items promptly and at our expense. You will receive a confirmation once the reshipment has occurred and we will ensure that your package is prioritized over other orders so that you receive it as quickly as possible.